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I can't leave well enough alone

 I’ve decided that I need to get moving on the disaster spaces in the house – namely the sewing room and the basement. They’re a perpetual nagging at the back of my mind. It’s just not acceptable that there are things that I can’t find. As an example, I have absolutely no idea where the tin snips are. I know we have a pair but I have no clue where they’re currently hiding. I realize that I’ve got the rest of my life to futz with the house, but the current state of those spaces is annoyingly unacceptable. I’m not talking about "perfect" or even "done." "Usable" is what I’m aiming for. The ability to root through the clutter and find the thing I want, as opposed to rooting through unopened, not yet unpacked boxes and thereby creating clutter while not finding the thing.

The sewing room appears to be a wild disaster, but actually looks worse than it is. I think that a couple of days of good solid work in there should get it to the "usable" state. But first I’ll need to open the door for a little bit. That room is technically finished attic space. It’s insulated, and has a floor and walls and windows and such, but it has no closet and no heat. Burlington is currently undergoing reassessment, and the paper says that they’re planning to come into the homes to inspect. My current plan is to make sure that it’s very, very clear that we do NOT have a four bedroom house, because that room is an attic. To that end, I closed the door into the hall. You could hang meat it’s so cold in there right now. I was pretty surprised, because when the door is open it’s nicely temperate. I figure that I can move some things into the spare bedroom while I work in there to get them out from underfoot, and I should be able to make the place usable in jig quick time. I have a lovely space heater.

The basement is another matter entirely. In addition to being full of basement stuff, it’s also the current repository for everything that needs to be gotten out of the way upstairs. In a perfect world I’d work on this with the Bilco door open for light and air and the ability to stack stuff in the back yard. Alas, the world lacks perfection. It is December in Connecticut, and the yard outside the Bilco door is 20°F and under a foot of accumulated snow and sleet. I think that what I need to do is just start at the base of the stairs and start digging my way clockwise around the chimney column. That will bring me to the future wood shop space sooner rather than later, and it’s the tools that I really want to get out and organized. There are trestle tables and benches to be made; chests to be assembled; and other nifty projects to start. I need to figure out a good way to hang a peg board down there for the small stuff. The previous owners had some 2x4’s nailed to the ceiling joists with a piece of peg board on that. It worked, I guess, but it was awfully flimsy and I want something better. I’ll have to take a look at how the one in my Dad’s garage is hung on Monday.

The other thing I’m realizing is that I really need to design and build the new cabinet that’s going to go where the old wet bar was in the kitchen. For as long as it’s in its current state of... disassembly?... it’s going to continue to catch clutter and I’m really sick of that pile of clutter. So I’m thinking that the husband and I need to chat about what we want for that space, seriously investigate sink options, and I need to start making measured drawings. Come spring we can start building. Having a second sink is going to be wonderful. If it goes well, I have ambitions to build a new cabinet for the upstairs bathroom. If that goes well – kitchen cabinets, here we come.


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Dec. 20th, 2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
Heh, my bedroom is like that...I have a crafting area (thankfully hidden by a wall-length floor-to-ceiling curtain of purple) in here (it's a fairly big bedroom, luckily) and all my supplies are under my huge (eight feet long) crafting table, and I have no idea where my stuff is. It took me forever to find the box of photos I wanted to use to make my parents a calendar for their anniversary in a week. And there are a bunch of other things I was inclined to use for jewellery-making but I just can't find them. I must purge and clean again, but I've been trying to do so for three months now and I just *cannot* find the physical energy to do so.

Good luck with your mess, at least.

Also, I don't understand your journal title. Lime, dirt...eh?
Dec. 21st, 2007 03:49 am (UTC)
Hey - pleased to see you here. Hope I'm not too boring.

My whole apartment used to be like this. It's part of the joy of finally having a house of my own after all these years - enough room to see all the stuff. The purging has been underway on and off since we moved. It's actually strangely liberating. Part of our problem is that two cluttered packrats married each other. It's been moderately ugly for years.

"Also, I don't understand your journal title. Lime, dirt...eh?"

That's me being fairly juvenile, actually. Some years back at Pennsic I was complaining fairly vociferously and enthusiastically about a particularly trying co-worker and ended with the comment "I have a shovel and a bag of lime, no one will miss her." At which point the jeweler behind the counter of the shop I was in piped up "lime, dirt, lime, dirt, lime, glass, dirt. A Sicilian told me that!" I said "Glass?" She replied "Keeps the animals from digging them up." It's my grumpiness attempting to be subtle. :-)
Dec. 21st, 2007 12:34 pm (UTC)
New friends are always good because they haven't yet heard all the comments you generally make. It's hard for me to find anything new to say on Meri's LJ because we've been regular readers/commenters on each other's LJ for two and a half years solid and people tend to post on the same subjects most of the time because those are the things that happen most often in our lives. (Work, hobbies, our favourite books/movies/etc...) Once you work through the round once, everything afterward is pretty much just repeat.

My place is moderately gorgeous, so it's a shame I have such a hard time scraping up the energy to clean. But in winter in Canada, energy is hard to come by. It's a black pit up here from four-thirty PM to 7:30 AM for months on end, and it saps the soul first of energy, then of the will to live...

Plus there is the opening-the-new-business stuff as well as the IBS and MS stuff, naturally. All in all, energy is just hard to come by, and it's already claimed by more urgent demands. Thank god I have disability, or I'd die of sheer exhaustion.
Dec. 21st, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)
"New friends are always good because they haven't yet heard all the comments you generally make."

Exactly. It's always fun to meet someone who hasn't already heard all of your old stories ad nauseum!

"My place is moderately gorgeous, so it's a shame I have such a hard time scraping up the energy to clean."

It's interesting - now that it's *mine*, and now that I've got enough space to actually put stuff away, I'm finding that I'm actually much neater than I thought I was. That was a pleasant discovery.

I've always wondered how people get through the winters up there. My family is from Minnesota, and I'm from upstate NY originally, so I like winter. But there's a limit - that point where even I say "enough already!"
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