kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

She said that it would be more "exciting"

That would be my physical therapist.  Today was the first appointment after being cleared for "active assisted range of motion" work.  She did the usual stretches, and then gave me three new exercises.  They're stupid simple.  The first is to hold a cane/broom/stick in front of me with both hands, and raise them over my head while lying down.  The unoperated arm supports and stretches the operated shoulder at the farthest end of extension.  That one is outright painful, but with the cane it feels fairly safe - I don't have any strength in that shoulder, but the grip on the cane prevents it from flopping over uncontrolled.  The second exercise is to face the wall and just finger-walk up it.  They've got a neat little contraption in the office that looks like part of a ratchet, but I can do that at home with just a wall.  The third involved two hand holds and a pulley over the top of a door - the left hand pulls to help elevate the right arm.  She had me do twenty in front and twenty off to the side.  On that one I really noticed things loosening.  The first side raise I only got to about ninety degrees, but by the end I was mostly to vertical.  I even got a "that is actually damn good."

Half an hour of that and I was so tired I could have laid down on the floor and slept.  It was absolutely exhausting.

I have a pulley rig like the one at PT on order from Amazon, so I can do the first two at home by myself.  Now I just have to work up the intestinal fortitude.
Tags: health, shoulder

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