kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Now THIS is progress

Today I had my six week checkup with the doctor, and she told me that I can wean off the sling!  Woohoo!  I'm not to put any load on the shoulder - no pushing, no pulling, lift nothing heavier than a cup of coffee.

As an aside, everyone I've spoken to has had the same reaction - an empty cup or a full cup?  Damned if I know - it never occurred to me to ask.  I'm assuming she meant a full cup - otherwise isn't that a bit of a tease?

Her comment was "you're going to go home, throw off the sling, and it's going to be great.  And at about 2:00 you're going to be looking for it."  So I imagine it's going to get tired quick, hence the weaning off.  I'm allowed to move it as much as I want in any direction that I want.  So I came home, took off my sling, and tried to lift my arm.

Notice that word - "tried."

I couldn't lift my arm more than a little.  It was too heavy.  Six weeks, and that muscle is apparently gone.  It's beyond weird.  The brain sends a command, I can feel the arm try, but it's like pushing on a wall.  I also have to admit that I'm afraid to strain too much.  I expect that just moving around will help restore some of that, but she was very clear that there can be NO strengthening exercises yet.

I'm very excited.  Not only can I now type with two hands, but there's a good chance I'll get a better night's sleep tonight.  I'm very hopeful.

My boss is very sad - I broke it to her that I'm out for at least another four weeks.
Tags: health, shoulder

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