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Houston... we may have a kitten

So here he is:


He's probably 99% alley cat, which will be a new thing in the Land of Purebreds that I've been living in.  But he's so damn cute, and Becket can teach him personality.  We're both rather smitten, and we've put "dibs" on him when he's ready.  So assuming he doesn't come down with anything awful in the next few weeks (he's FLV and FiV negative,) he'll come home with us as soon as he's weaned and ready.

We have no idea about a name.  "Henry" is probably a really bad idea.



Jun. 18th, 2013 01:55 am (UTC)
Oh so very sweet! Is he likely to be there by the time of the next dabblers guild Saturday? Victoria would be ongoing him like crazy.
Dare I suggest just plain Chaucer? Not of noble birth, but worked his way up in the world .... and brought so much beauty along with him.