kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

I figured it out

A couple of storms ago, the other half of the enormous oak tree that decimated our neighbors' power lines came down.  This half fell on OUR property - and made a right mess back there, too.  The split is about thirteen feet up, and the crown is wedged into other trees up there.  We won't be able to drop it - it's too dangerous.  So we're going to spend a lot of money taking down someone else's problem tree.  But that's not my point.

I followed Bob back there with the lopping shears - I wanted to take dead wood off of the bottom of the pine trees so that you can walk without being impaled.  I reached up with the loppers like always - and my shoulder stabbed me.  Hard.  That's how I tore it up - remember Snowmaggedeon of 2011?  Well, during the cleanup portion Bob ran the chain saw, and I cut up the brush.  Using exactly the motion that just REALLY hurt.  Over and over and over again.  Often overhead.  I'm entirely certain how I did this.

Crap.  But at least I know.
Tags: shoulder, weather

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