kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Treadmill Thursday

Kari is no longer walking with me, but I'm still alternating weeks so that everyone gets a turn to go to Pilates (we can't all bugger off at once and leave the phones uncovered.)

There is a distinct possibility that I may have overdone it.

I set these little intermediate goals for myself - it keeps me from endlessly thinking about how much exercising SUCKS.  The base goal is always to go for thirty minutes and squeeze out two miles.  Now I've started playing games with the cool down.  Today it was "I'll go for another ten minutes, because last week I got to 2.5 miles."  After I got to 40 minutes it was "Well, I'll just get to 45 minutes.  Or 2.75 miles.  I'd like to get to 2.75 miles, but I'm definitely stopping at 45 minutes."  At 45 minutes (and well past 2.75 miles) I thought "I'll just go until the end of this song (forgetting how long some of the Chieftans' pieces are...)  At the end of the song it was "Well heck, I'm at 2.9 miles, I may as well go to 3..."

That last decision may have been the wrong one.  I feel like I've been through a wringer.

But in the end:
Two miles in 30 minutes and some seconds (under 15);
Three miles in 48 minutes and 21 seconds.

Tags: fitness

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