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Well, that's an answer

I had the appointment with the orthopedist this morning, and Bob came along.  I like my doctor just fine, but he's a very busy, very expensive specialist, so you have to be a little aggressive with him to ask questions, but I got everything I need right now.

I do indeed have a torn rotator cuff - he showed me the scans, which is pretty neat (conceptually, at least.)  The tendon for the supraspinatus is 2/3 torn.  Tears are pretty common, and I read somewhere that on postmortem examinations something like 40% of the deceased show rotator cuff tears, many of which were asymptomatic and not painful in life.  He said that they don't get excited until tears are at halfway, so I've clearly passed that threshold.  He allowed as to how there are bunches of things we could try, but he wasn't feeling optimistic about that tendon and in the end we'll end up fixing it anyhow.  It's been painful for nine months now, and it's one of those areas that doesn't heal because it has no bloodflow of its own.

So I'm scheduled for surgery in August when we get home from Pennsic.  That gives me all summer to get my house in order - literally AND figuratively.
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