kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

I Should Have Named Him Alaric...

 Christmas last year was kind of a rushed, second-hand affair.  We'd just moved into the house, and were in the full throes of redecorating.  Therefore while we did go get a tree, and did get lights on it, it never really got decorated.  This year we got the tree, got the lights on, and even got ornaments on it.  It's a very pretty tree.

But here's the thing: because we didn't get ornaments on last year, it's the first real Christmas tree that Becket has actually seen and the furry little Visigoth is *obsessed.*  At first he was removing almost a dozen ornaments every day.  Then he seemed to lose interest.  Then last night I put packages under the tree, and the fascination has resumed.  So far he's only broken one, and I've also broken one.  I'm just glad that I decided not to try to hang the good lead tinsel.   He probably would have destroyed at least one box worth.  I should have known that naming him after a troublemaker was a poor move.

At least he's not a climber...

Everyone cross their fingers for my 5:00 drive home...

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