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Treadmill Thursday, and general fitness update

I'm just going to start rolling this all together into my treadmill reports, unless I have something extraordinary (and there is very little about a middle aged, stout housewife puffing and sweating in fitness classes.)  So.

1.92 miles in 30 minutes
2 miles at a few seconds shy of 32 minutes
I did the first mile in the first fifteen.  I can do that pretty reliably now.

I'm missing the two mile mark in my half hour by so *little.*  I feel like I could get it if I could just push a little harder at the end.  But at the end all I want to do is be done so that I can catch my breath.  I suppose this too will come.

Last Thursday I tried the Pilates class for the first time, and crap that was hard.  Things hurt in some very odd and new places the next day.  It was good though, and at the end of class I touched my toes without bending my knees!  Okay - the ridges of my fingerprints brushed the edge of my sock just enough to register "fiber."  I'm going with it though!

Strength class on Monday was really hard because of the pollen.  Something new clearly started blooming.  Anita decided that we would do our warmup outside, and aside from issues of prancing around in the parking lot where people could see, the pollen knocked me flat.  By the time we got inside I was actually wheezing, and ended up having to lighten my weights because I just could not catch my breath.  But I made it through to the end, and she told me that if she does that again I can stay inside and just hop on a treadmill or a spin bike to get my heart rate up.

Tuesday was confusing - being a new quarter, Sara changed up the kick boxing class, and I'm not good at learning new routines.  It makes the time go fast though.  She added a roundhouse kick, and now things on the outside of my hips are sore.

So there we are.  Depending how my allergies are feeling, next week I'm going to push for that two mile mark.

At some point I have a thoughtful post brewing in the back of my head about how different this all is from gym class in school, and how I truly believe that it was gym class that made me fat and sedentary.
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