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Two weeks ago in the strength class, Anitia said "next week I want you to increase your heavy weights to ten pounds."  (Yes, I know - I'm a wuss.  But I'm starting from nothing, so I'm at peace with that.)  So last week I dutifully switched my heavy weights from eight pounds to ten.  Good GOD those are heavy!  But I struggled through, that being the point of this endeavor.  THIS week, halfway through, she cruised by and swapped up my medium weights also.

Holy crap.

Then when it came time to do twenty pushups, I was able to squeeze out seven before I fell on my nose.  For the second set of ten, I got out two and a half.

I keep telling myself this is good for me.  But damn, I ache this morning.

On the bright side, last Wednesday the massage therapist used the word "definition."  So, hopefully I'm actually building some structure under the fat layer.  If only I could do that without feeling like someone beat me up...
Tags: fitness

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