May 23rd, 2016

House - spring

The phrase of the day...

Is "mechanical removal."  The subject is moss in the "lawn."

I am, yet again, raking the moss out of the small amount of grass in the back yard.  I've done this a few times before.  Historically, I spend several days of back breaking labor raking the moss out.  Then Bob waits a couple of weeks to buy grass seed, the moss grows back, he seeds on top of the moss, the seed (surprise!) doesn't sprout because there's no soil contact, and then he says "see -  I told you it wouldn't take."


THIS year, I made it clear that I wasn't going to do that again.  He swore (again) this time would be different.  Then I refused to start until he got the seed.  Seed has been procured.  So over last night and today I have been raking the moss out.  Everything from my armpits to my hips hurts.  I'm not sure how this is an ab workout, but apparently it is.

I have about half the yard done - thank goodness it's a small yard, and he's going to seed that half tonight before the rain comes.  When next the weather allows, I'll keep raking, and he'll keep seeding as I go.  We had a nice yard at one point - I'm hoping to get back there.

I also picked up some black-eyed susans and a coneflower for my bright, weedy stretch.  Once I get it raked out I'll put those in.  It'll take a while for them to fill in, but those both like to "volunteer, so I'm hopeful.  A bank full of susies and coneflowers there would look nice and make me happy.

I'm not looking forward to what it's going to take to pull/beat back the pachysandra...