March 10th, 2016



I'm very stream of consciousness today.  I went out this morning and cleared some of the leaves.  I find that when I do lots at a time, the piles just sit there and Bob doesn't haul them back to the pile.  So I cleared the two areas that I needed to get the leaves out of before the bulbs are up, and called that good for today.  I suggested to him that it will be easier to haul them before they get rained on, so he's out doing that now.  I'll rake a little more tomorrow (weather permitting,) and hopefully we'll get it down fairly expeditiously, albeit bit by bit.

Made my own breadcrumbs.  I'm taking a crock pot full of chicken in wine to barony meeting on Sunday, it's thickened with breadcrumbs, and two folks have wheat issues.  So Sisuile sont some stale bread to practice, and I've made it into breadcrumbs.  Et voila - she can Carol will be able to eat my chicken.

A ton of sewing has gotten done.  I'm accumulating garments in a basket in the living room as they're fully assembled in the hopes that if they're right here, I'll work on the seams in the evenings as I sit in front of the TV.  I've got three dresses and two chemises in there right now.  I'm about to put together another chemise, and then I'll stash it in there.  What I've been doing is assembling the carcass and sleeves for a garment during the day, and then I fold up the body and leave it on the machine, and take the sleeves downstairs.  Move on to something else.  That evening, I finish the seams in the sleeves.  The next day I set the sleeves, sew up the side seams, put it in the basket, then sew another carcass and set of sleeves.  That's working pretty well, and is preventing me from getting sleeves mixed up.  Once I add this chemise to the basket, I have one more in the queue.  All the field dresses are in the basket.  I have two more things to cut - a fitted cote for Bob, and a tunic for Camma.  When Bob's is assembled it will go into *his* pile to have seams finished, when Camma's is assembled it goes into her bowl in the kitchen.  I'll cut and sew for her, but she has to do her own seams.

My iron died the other week.  It didn't owe me anything, but that was annoying.

As I am every few years, I'm frustrated by the whole primary process in this country.  I don't have an opinion about any of the candidates (beyond some very obvious things.)  Why should I waste my time finding out anything about them?  By the time Connecticut gets to vote on anything, the good people of other states will have decided on my behalf what my choices will be.  It's stupid.  Many, many things about our process are stupid, but this part of it is really over the top.  I have to wonder if we would have a chance at electing someone more sane and ethical (note that it's relative) if we just had a national primary day where *everyone* got to vote, not just the privileged few.

The first heavy list fight practice in the barony in years opened in Middlefield on Tuesday, and I went down for it.  I put on my fancy baroness hat, thanked everyone for coming, then took it off and did the conditioning exercises with them.  I need to get back to that, because I was way too out of breath (part of the reason why I went out to rake.)  That was fun, and after watching the drills, I think I'm going to borrow a helm and let them teach me just a tiny bit.  I have no desire to get in armor and actually *fight,* so I don't want to take training time away from someone else, but I want to try it.

Also sending out resumes, of course.

Okay.  Having stripped off my clothes to guard against ticks, I'll go do some more of that sewing.