February 25th, 2016


Making progress

Okay, having spent a week on the OP, it's time to get back to the sewing.  Otherwise I'll have to clean the house.

Bob has a pile of shirts, braes, and unfitted cotes.  If I remember correctly, six shirts, three cotes, six pair of short braes, and three pair of long braes.  They have all been sewn as far as possible without necessary handwork being done (the braes are fully assembled, and the tops are assembled but the sleeves aren't set.)  As he finishes the seams, they'll all get finished.

The fitted brown linen cote for Bob is almost done.  All the seams have been finished, and I sewed about fifty eyelets.  The only thing it needs other than a lacing cord is to have the sleeves hemmed, and I want to try it on him before I do that - I seem to remember that I cut the sleeves long.  Wait until he finds out how much fun lacing is...

Next up on that front is the light brown wool cote that goes over it.  Tonight (in all likelihood) I'll sew down the silk facings, and then I need to start making buttons.  In a pinch, he can wear that without the seams being finished - I know this because I wore mine for quite some time before I got the seams done (*IF* they're done.  I'm not sure now.)  I do buttonholes on the machine, so that won't be terrible.

All the long seams in my teal dress have been finished.  It needs eyelets and hems.  I can't face more eyelets right now.  I'm leaving the hem for last because I can machine finish that if I need to.

I have three unfitted cotes cut for myself.  Last night I finished the seams on the blue sleeves, so I'll set those today and sew up the side seams (then I just need to finish all the long body seams - sigh.)

I finished the seams on the new gores in Charlotte's red dress, and put one hem in her new peplos.  As soon as I have the brooches, I'll put a botton hem on it.  Eventually I'll even sew down the side seam, but it's selvedge edges, so it can wait!

I have an overtunic and a shirt assembled for Camma, and last night I finished the sleeve seams for the undertunic.  I'll set those sleeves today, and then I can start finishing the seams and hems on those three pieces.  I'm finishing the seams on these three pieces.  After these, I'll cut and sew, but Camma has to do the rest of her own seams from now on.  She can work on them on Tuesdays during "Agents of Shield."

Oh - I also made a hood for Bob that I'm *quite* pleased with.  I finally found a procedure for making cloth buttons that works for me, AND it's lined.  I hate lining things.

So in a little while I'll head back to the sewing room, and do some more machine assembly.  I'll put the blue together, put Camma's undertunic together, and probably sew one chemise and the green cote to the point where I have to finish the sleeves prior to further assembly.  If I do it this way, I won't get any of the sleeve pieces mixed up (much.)  Just keeping it moving along.

At some point I need to start making points and lacing cords, but that's a sitting in front of the TV thing.