February 11th, 2016


Waste not, want not

For the past week and a half, I've been working on garb around the job hunt.  I've basically been cutting us a new wardrobe - it's so much easier when the sun is up.  Originally, I was just going to cut new garb for all of us for Coronation.  I'm a landed baroness, and a double peer, and I have - I kid you not - ONE good dress.  Coronation sounds like it could be a good photo op, so new clothes would be nice.

Well, then I decided that I should cut a second set for Bob, so that he will also have two nice sets.  And Charlotte's chemises are knee length, and her dresses are rapidly following.  And then it got out of hand.  So far I've cut a fitted set for myself, and two fitted sets for Bob.  Five dresses for Charlotte.  I cut a veil and wimple for myself.  Two hoods for Bob, and a hood, shirt, and tunic for Camma.  Four chemises for myself.

But yesterday was fantastic.  Yesterday I cut three chemises for Charlotte, a set of long braes for Bob, and six sets of short braes for Bob - out of my scrap bin.  The white linen in said bin is now composed of much smaller pieces.  I'm thinking about making dolls for the toy chest, because clothing them will use up the colored linen in the scrap bin.

Today I'm cutting an undertunic for Camma, and some Pennsic cotes for Bob and I.  Then I can put the cutting table away, and I'll need to start sewing.

But I'm all sorts of excited about the scrap bin.

Re: Deadpool

Dear 20th Century Fox, Marvel, et al:

If you're going to have to go on social media to beg parents not to bring their children to the movie, perhaps you need to rethink your marketing.