July 19th, 2015


I know this goes without saying...

But doing the laundry takes SO much less time when the washer fills on a time scale faster then geologic...  I've just done multiple loads in the time it took to do one.  This is going to be VERY helpful on the other side of Pennsic.

I LOVE my new hot water heater.  I love Avon Plumbing.  I'm so glad that I decided not to put another Band-Aid on it, and pulled the trigger on the larger job.

Sometimes I really love being in the SCA...

Charlotte and I are reading "Little House in the Big Woods."  At the very beginning of the book, when Ma is making butter, Charlotte exclaimed "Like you do Mommy!" and she was hooked.  Tonight they made cheese, and when Charlotte looked at me and said "Mommy, can we do that someday?" I loved being able to say "Yes - I know someone who can come and show us how."

Sometimes the side effects of this hobby are just cool.