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MRI, SCA, and other things without abbreviations

Friday was a mixed bag.  I had spinning for my lunch torture - Stacia was teaching this week.  She has a very different style than Doug.  Doug does interval-style training, which I'm actually getting fairly decent at.  Stacia is more of an endurance sort of girl - and I don't have any.  The entire class was out of the saddle, except for the bits where we had to get off for weight training.  The instructions were "Get heavy weights.  One level heavier than the ones you usually use."  Oy.  I just wasn't strong enough to make it through the routine, but I gave it my best shot with the result that I'm still feeling it in my hamstrings.  Once that class was done, they started pulling out the cardio machines and such because they're putting in a sprung wood floor over this past weekend.  Hopefully, it'll be done when we get in tomorrow, and we can have the strength/torture class on the new floor.  They're also moving the non-class equipment into an adjoining room, so that there is more room for classes.  That will be particularly nice on Tuesdays - the strength class on Monday is crowded, but I'm always a little worried about getting kicked in the head at kick-box on Tuesdays.

In the late afternoon, I had an appointment for an MRI on my shoulder.  After three months, an approval finally shook loose from Cigna, and it took a day and a half to schedule the appointment for... I think five days later.  I wound my way into West Hartford after work and got set up.  They had me change into scrubs, which is understandable, but whoever provided those bottoms was... optimistic.  They fit.  Barely.  Luckily the gown was sufficiently voluminous to cover a multitude of sins.  They ran me through a fancy metal detector that confirmed that I was indeed wholly non-ferrous, and told me I could keep my wedding rings.  Asked *again* if I'm claustrophobic, although what they could have done at that point...  I got all settled in on the table, got my earplugs in, and they strapped something onto my shoulder that I presume indicates to the machine what it's supposed to be looking at?  I still need to look up how that all works...  Once that was all set, they handed me the panic button - excuse me - call button, and slid me in.  Close.  Very, very, close.  Once the put the squishy bumpers in along side me, it was much closer to "restrained" than "close."  There were lights along the top, so it was bright but not too bright, there was a nice breeze that kept the air moving, but it wasn't blowing on my face - not bad honestly.  As long as I didn't think about how I *really couldn't move,* it wasn't bad.  Sort of like a tight hug, honestly.  If it weren't for the noise, I might have dozed off.  Lord, the NOISE.  I'd been warned it was loud, and it was loud *through* the earplugs, which is fairly impressive.  Banging and bonging and thumping - and not in any sort of good rhythm.  If it had been rhythmic, I likely would have dozed off.  Every so often the tech would come on the speaker and ask if I was doing okay.  At one point I got scolded.  I drew a breath just deep enough that I felt the strap across my chest move a bit, and I figured that was a no-no.  Indeed.  Of course, it's like "don't think about elephants."  As soon as you're told NOT to take a deep breath, that's all you want to do.  They finished up, and I was surprised to realize I'd been in there about thirty minutes.  Time flies.  I got changed back into my own clothes, they gave me a CD of the results, and someone will be in touch.

It was a weird sensation.  My rings aren't ferrous (gold, platinum, and diamonds,) but I could feel them vibrating on my finger.  That was disconcerting.  At some points I think I could feel my organs vibrating in my torso.  The closest I can describe it is that it felt a lot like the time I had WAY too much caffeine trying to get to Pennsic without falling asleep behind the wheel.  At the time I described it like feeling that I was vibrating on a molecular level - and now I know what that actually feels like.  Weird.  Hopefully this will give the orthopedist the information we need to make it stop hurting.  I haven't slept worth a damn in ages, and at this point I'm not sure I care what the problem is as long as we fix it.

Saturday we headed down to Mudthaw/Baronial Investiture in Settmour Swamp.  Aside from the fact that we always go to Mudthaw to see friends, we're going to every Investiture we can.  One of the things that made OUR Investiture suck so badly that I'm actually trying to erase it completely from my mind as quickly as possible is that fact that none of the landed baronage came except for the pair who were there as a personal favor to work at the event.  So we're going to as many as we can.  I'd like to say that I'm not bitter when I see other people getting to have they day they wanted, but that would be grossly untrue.  Be that as it may, it was a really nice event, and a good time.  I actually got the green dress done.  After vynehorn helped me take it in, and jofglastingburi making me hundreds of buttons, I needed to do my part and *wear* it.  The fit was good, although I noticed that the shoulders have gotten tight since the last time I tried it on.  I have to admit that I'm a bit down about the whole thing - to be perfectly honest, I was hoping that *someone* might compliment me, and the lack had me feeling by the end of the evening that the reason why must be because despite all my work I looked like a stuffed sausage.

Okay, I'm sounding way too down about what was a very nice day.  We set ourselves up a little "home base," and took "tag, I'm the parent" turns.  Sadly, I go to be the outside parent - when the wind was up, it was DAMN cold.  She's quite the fan of our current royalty - she flung herself at Her Majesty in the main hall for a big hug, and later during the feast I looked around and realized that she had clearly gone over to HIS Majesty and demanded to be picked up.  And me without my camera...  They're VERY patient with my daughter.  I need to do something nice for them.  Court was unending.  I was initially apprehensive about sitting up front with Runnymede and her, but we managed to move our "nest" so that she could go back and forth.  Then providence took a hand - their Excellencies of Bhakail have a daughter a year older - and they were sitting behind us.  The girls hit it off like a house on fire, and that saved all of us a lot of grief.

Runnymede didn't get called into baronial court, which is a shame - I think most of us were there.  Those of us who stayed for dinner presented our gifts then.  Jehannine seemed quite taken with our gift.  But then, who doesn't love chocolate acorns?  Dinner was good, but at that point I think a lot of things caught up with me.  At the beginning of dinner I had a moderate headache.  At the end I had a bad one.  Thankfully Bob drove home, because by the time we got here (about 1:00am) I had a light sensitive screamer.  Luckily it went away overnight without developing into a full blown migraine.  Today was spent unpacking and napping.

I think I'm going to start prepping for the next event we need to plan for, NOW.

I hope the shoulder results come back soon.
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