November 26th, 2014


It's snowing

But that's okay.  Bob and I got this finished up last night:


That's two cords.  The ranks are twelve feet long, and as high as I can get them.  We hauled and stacked most of it on Sunday, and finished up last night.  I was fretting about having it out of the driveway before the snow, and while I'd initially planned to finish stacking this morning, we finished last night before it got nasty.  In the course of stacking it (Bob hauls, I stack,) I was tempted to call Ben and give him grief about giving me every nasty lump and wiggle he had in the pile.  But when you order wood in November, you really can't complain much.


Sweet potatoes and squash are done and in the fridge.  Pies are out of the oven (one to take, one for home.)  Three more pies sitting on the back deck until we make room in the freezer, and there's a pecan pie in the oven right now (I had one pie crust left over, and a bag of pecans that's been in my way in the fridge for a while.)  I've never made a decent pecan pie, but maybe I'll get lucky this time.  Bob loves them, so I keep trying.

Unbeknownst to me (or maybe I forgot) Bob got me a half a peck of Northern Spies - more pies!  I have three Calville Blancs for the freezer, I figure I'll get three or four out of the Spies.  I'd better label them.  Depending on freezer space, I may put up a few more of the Corlant/Macintosh/Granny Smith blend that I like while I can still get the apples - Cortlands are all but gone.

I hope everyone out there had a happy Thanksgiving, however they are spending it.