February 9th, 2014



Yesterday we went to Maker's Faire in Carolingia, which was an event that I hadn't originally planned to attend.  But then I got an assignment for an award document for jdulac that I just couldn't turn down - who else would appreciate what I'm trying to do with making my documents as authentic as possible?  (Three weeks of research, and I had to learn a new script.  But I also learned a lot about abbreviations and punctuation (that ended up being completely useless for this project.))  It turned out to be a good day - I got to spend a bunch of time with vynehorn, and learned basic fingerloop braiding.  Sounds like a win to me.

To the point though, Charlotte found her inspiration yesterday.  During court, a girl not that much older than she is received a Tyger's Cub for all the kitchen work she does at events.  Charlotte was paying rapt attention - and then turned to me and said "Mommy, I want to learn to cook in the kitchen at events."  :-)  That's my girl - goal oriented.

Since she's pretty much only just now tall enough for that to be practical, we'll give it a try.  I told her that she could practice by helping with the dishes at home.