January 9th, 2014


Note to self for next Christmas eve/New Year's eve

*  Setup worked great - appetizers & drinks in the library, short folding table over the bar sink with the dinnerware, let the woodstove die and put the 8' folding table over it for the food;
*  Desserts on the buffet;
*  Taking the blender and canisters off the counter worked well;
*  If you do soup, preheat the crock pot with water to get it to warm - apparently it runs up hot to begin with, and that's too much for a cream soup to take.  Who knew?
*  Moving the scratching post out of the living room was a Good Idea;
*  Try doing the Yorkshire pudding in two batches through the oven so that you don't have to worry about the bottom pans scorching;
*  Talk to Bob ahead of time about carving/serving - he doesn't take a hint;
*  Scattering chairs and tray tables randomly worked out;
*  Buy more steak knives;
*  Buy a second cutting board for roasts


*  Only 1/2 gallon of hot cider, and use one of the spaces on the three-part crock pot.  That gets you less leftovers, it's more in front of people, and eliminates the "need" to come up with an extra side dish because I feel like all the slots should be filled.  I really am a victim of the Salaamallah school of cooking...