December 9th, 2012


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"But to his chagrin, he soon discovered that one of the peculiarities of human nature was the tendency to want to take problems to the person in charge.  Had there not been an Overlord of the West, he was quite sure that his fellow monarchs would hae found ways to deal with all those perplexing difficulties by themselves.  But as long as he occupied that exalted position, they all seemed to take an almost child-like delight in bringing him the most difficult, the most agonizing, and the most utterly insoluble problems and then happily sitting back with trusting smiles on their faces while he struggled and floundered with them."

Guardians of the West
 - David Eddings

I've been grossly absent...

Need to be better about that.  Summation:

*  Bob had minor (to the surgeon) surgery in mid-November.  Ramping up to that ate a lot of my life.  Not allowed to drive or lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for three weeks afterwards, and didn't much want to move.  Which left... everything in my lap.  That sucked.  Naturally, two cords of wood was delivered a week *after* his surgery.  That sucked too.  I got one cord of it moved to the back of the house and stacked by myself, so we're in decent shape there.  Unfortunately, I was sloppy because I was exhausted from working on it by myself, and built in a lean.  It's okay now - it fell over last week.  Sigh.  The post-op checkup was overwhelmingly positive, and now his lifting restrictions have been raised to twenty pounds.  That's good - very, very good, but still a pain in the ass.  Because...

*  Something is wrong in my shoulder.  I went to the doctor, and she said "clearly you've outraged something in your rotator cuff."  I have no idea why.  It's been hurting for about three months, not getting better, and periodically getting worse.  I can't do any of what she calls "internal rotation."  I have an appointment with an orthopedist in a couple of weeks.  We're falling apart at the seams.

Let's see... August was Pennsic, September was...nothing noteworthy, October was nothing noteworthy, November was entirely health related, and here we are.

Other general news.  In August, a co-worker convinced me to start going to the Friday spinning class at work.  That's not "spinning" like "fiber," which would be logical for me.  It's "spinning" like "legalized torture misleadingly represented as a fitness class."  Oh.  My.  God.  I'm fairly certain that the instructor is a Cylon - he's clearly mechanical, and enjoys watching humans suffer.  Ironically, she only came to three classes, and I've gone almost every Friday since (missed a couple for meetings and illness.)  In October, I added the cardio kick class on Tuesdays.  I'm being very diligent.  Hating every minute of both, but being very diligent.  The timing was good.  When it all went pear shaped and suddenly *I* was the one doing all the heavy lifting at home, at least I was stronger.  Until my shoulder rebelled (for the record, the shoulder hurt *before* I started the kick boxing class.)  At any rate, I've been doing two forty-five minute classes every week, and was just about to add in a Monday class when the shoulder got really bad.  I really don't like exercise.  But I like being stout less, and according to my doctor, I've lost 15 pounds since August.  I like that part.

The down side is that the lovely blue dress I made for Investiture no longer fits me.  At some point I'm going to need to ask jtdiii to help me with a new pattern.  These are good problems to have...

Yesterday was Baronial Yule.  I'll try to chat about that separately.  Really I will.  Hopefully I'll be able to knock out at least some of my baking shortly - and figure out what I'm going to do about Christmas Eve dinner.  My brother has again announced that he'll decide if he's coming down when he sees the weather forecast.  So I'm cooking for either five or nine.  Makes it really hard to do a standing rib roast when your guest might double on no notice.  Grrrr.

Okay, off to bed.