September 3rd, 2012

House - summer

I think it's winning

It's been nuts lately - haven't been posting, haven't been reading.  Maybe this week will be quieter.  Let's see, we:

Prepped for war;
Went to war;
Cleaned up and put stuff away from war;
I immediately ate the following two weekends, ALL weekend, for a weaving class that Vynehorn and I signed up for months ago;
This weekend - plumbing and basement purging.

Bob is doing the plumbing - he's straightening out the  plumbing for the half bath and the second sink in the kitchen, and he's been plugging away at it.  Saturday and Sunday I played with my loom - after taking the four-day warping and weaving class at Webs, I got my hands on a book explaining how to warp up a rigid heddle loom with three heddles to do pretty much anything you can do on a four shaft loom, and I was dying to try it.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but I *can* do twills, and since I'm currently in love with twill, that's pretty exciting.  I SO want a floor loom now, but that's a huge expenditure.  I need to be sure this is something I'm going to want to do enough to justify that kind of money.

That's not the current point though.  Today I needed to do something useful, so today I hauled my sorry butt down into the Pit of Despair, or as we call it, the basement.  I hauled the big ninety gallon trash bin around to the Bilco door, opened that up, and started digging.  I figured I'd start at the bottom of the stairs, and just excavate.

It's bad when it's been so warm out that you're sweating in an entirely underground basement. 

I didn't get very far - I'd say I've gone about ten feet.  But I've gotten the pantry shelves and the camping shelves straightened, purged, and reorganized  I've cleared all the floor in that area, including several piles of "stuff."  But the limiting factor is that I've pretty much filled the trash barrel AND the recycling barrel.  If I don't stop now, there won't be space for the usual weekly trash on Wednesday morning.  So I'm done for now.  I suspect this is how it's going to go on this particular job - I'll be able to go until I hit the limit of the trash barrel, and then I'm done for the week.  That can work I suppose.  I'm kind of trashing the crawl space, though.  When I hit stuff that belongs in there, I'm just stuffing it in.  It's what is going to make this job so miserable - I've realized that to do it, I'm going to need to clean the basement, then pull everything out of the crawlspace INTO the basement (thereby losing the basement again) then sort and purge that crap, then put it BACK in the crawlspace, only hopefully this time in some sort of order.  I'm hoping that a lot of the stuff that's currently in there can go to GoodWill.  We'll see.

I can't believe the amount of pure crap I'm pulling out - and that's just MY crap.  Trying to get Bob to deal with his crap is going to be a completely different battle.  But not one for this week - at least not until Wednesday when the trash bucket is empty again.

I'm tired.