July 23rd, 2012


Help! Soliciting camp bed ideas

I need some ideas, and I figured the readership here might just be able to help me.  Let me lay out the problem for you.


A long time ago and far away, back when we camped on the portion of Runestone field that is now deemed to be too steep to camp on, I slept in a sleeping bag on a piece of eggcrate foam.  My back (and all the rest of me) was younger then.

When the eggcrate wasn't really getting the job done any longer, we graduated to an air mattress.  That was fantastic for years.  The problem comes when you put two people on an air mattress - like a worn out innerspring, you all end up in a declivity in the middle.  That's fine at War of the Roses, but at Pennsic I don't want the heat-generating furnace that I married radiating heat any closer to me than necessary.  In order to maintain a civil distance for air to circulate with two people on an air mattress, it's a fair bit of work all night.  I was waking up with my back out, and not from anything fun.  Or I wasn't sleeping because I was about to die from the heat coming off of my husband.

After the air mattress (which at this point in the narrative was living in a lovely break-down bed frame from Panther,) we tried a double thickness of memory foam mattress toppers.  That is actually quite comfy.  I could do with a bit more padding (one more layer would probably be perfect,) but it's comfy, it's not rolling me into the middle or out of bed, and I can sleep (or at least as much as I do in the Pennsic heat.)  Where they fail is transportation/storage.  Those mucking things are huge.  I've been storing them in PA for the last, oh, six years or so, and so far they've done alright.  However, I'm perpetually expecting to find them either mouse-chewed or too musty to stand.  I'm beginning to be a little skeeved out just by the thought.

So - what are people sleeping on?  I've got a few parameters:

*  Queen sized bed.  I love my bed, I'm not giving it up;
*  If it stores, I'm trying to get away from the "ewwwww - that's musty/buggy/mouse-chewed" feeling;
*  If it travels, it needs to become compact enough that it fits in the Jeep/trailer and then stores at home;
*  I like to sleep on my side, so it needs to be cushy enough that my shoulder and hip don't dig in.

Do I just give air mattresses another try?  I've noticed that since going on the newest medication I don't appear to be *as* heat sensitive, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to start sleeping well at Pennsic (I still think there must be a way to run a small air conditioning unit off a solar panel...)  The nice thing about air mattresses is that they're small when deflated.

Anyone have any ideas?