June 24th, 2012



I'm just wiped out.  I'd dearly love a nap, but that's not meant to be.

The past week was just insanely busy.  Barony meeting on Monday, archery practice on Tuesday, chiropractor on Wednesday, Thursday isabeau_lark crashed with us (not a busy thing - just a thing,) Isabeau was here Friday also and I had to pack for the event, and yesterday I made it to the Known World Heralds' and Scribes' Symposium.


Just to add to the insanity, I decided that I wasn't happy with the document I'd done for court at KWHSS, so I redid it on Friday when I got home from work.  A little nuts, but I'm much happier with the second version.  Unfortunately, the recipient wasn't at the event, so I didn't get to see it go out.  It happens, but it was disappointing.

On the plus side, there's a little more room on my basement shelves now - Isabeau mentioned in passing that she needed to get another window air conditioner for the house, and I jumped ALL over the opportunity to give away the one that's been sitting in the basement since we installed the ductless system.  Even better, the remote control for it turned up with I was cleaning the sewing room.  How's that for serendipity?

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