June 13th, 2012

House - spring

Progress in my room!

Decent progress is being made.  On Monday I bought one of those packets of tongue-and-groove cedar that people use to line their closets, Bob sliced them in pieces for me, and I had enough cedar to line all of the wool shelves.  While he was cutting the cedar, I purged four more of the wall shelves, and reorganized.  The reorganization along reclaimed a lot of space.  It also brought to light a number of stalled projects that I want to revisit – in my copious free time, of course.  I dug all the way across to the shelves with the embroidery supplies on them, and at that point I stuck.  That is going to be a HUGE project to get into shape, and could derail the whole room.  So at that point I averted my eyes, and moved on.

I did get all the wool put away.  I pulled out… five?... six? bolts that I’m not entirely sure are what they claimed to be.  It’s wool from Affordable Fabrics, so I’m just a wee bit dubious.  Anyone out there really good at burn testing?  It’s something I’ve never learned to do.  I’m also not sure I actually like them any longer, which may solve the whole issue right there.

The new lights are fabulous.  I was able to redirect one of them to shine on what I was working on, and distinguish the navy from the black.  I love my new lights – normally that would have been chalked up to “I’ll need to wait until I’m home in daylight.”  I couldn’t carry on with the linen, but I carried it all back into the room and sorted it into color families on the floor.

Bob bought more cedar for me yesterday, and is going to finish cutting the lining for the fabric shelves tonight, so hopefully I can get the linen loaded back in.  Then I need to figure out what to do about my “other” fabric.  It’s fabric that I could make really cool SCA stuff out of (but don’t have a project in mind,) and fabric for mundane use (flannel, a lovely printed corduroy, etc.)  I don’t really have a spot for that stuff, and I need to work it out.  Either way, once the linen is back on its shelves, I can push the table into its spot, temporarily break down the ironing board, and get that side of the room sorted out and purged.  It’s SO much easier to do all of this now that I can see what I’m doing.  I hadn’t realized how much the lack of light was discouraging me from working up there.

I need to get things organized and put away, because I actually *want* to do some sewing for Pennsic.  I love my fantastic new room.  Amazing what shedding a little light can do.