June 11th, 2012



After realizing the date over the weekend, I was going to pre-reg for Pennsic this morning.  I usually do that from the office, because the printers are less grumpy than mine, and as a matter of course I print out my receipts - just in case.

Apparently there are "known issues" with IE 8 not playing nicely with some of their form, and I should download Firefox.  I know for a fact that my IT department would not view that positively - not that I have permission to put install software anyhow.

So - one more thing to do this evening.  I haven't powered the printers up since we started throwing circuit breakers, so perhaps they'll be less crabby.

Grrrr.  That's what I get for waiting.

In other news, I have the fabric shelves back in place and shimmed up to level.  I was going to start loading them back in, but decided to tidy up the wall shelves that are closest, since they'll be a little less accessible once the fabric is in place.  So I sat on the floor and went through my patterns - I haven't gone into those boxes since we moved, and there is a HEAP of patterns in the middle of the room that I'm going to discard.  That made room for patterns I'm likely to start accumulating for Charlotte, and I now have a place to put the patterns from Reconstructing History that have been kind of floating around loose.

I think that tonight, in addition to clearing all of my junk off of the table in the kitchen so that it can be used for arrow repair tomorrow, I'm going to purge the other two shelves on that column.  Ideally I'm going to work my way all around the room, purging as I go, but for now I just want to get to the point where I can load the bolts of fabric back onto the shelves and get my hallway back.  These shelves are going to be tough - they've been the sort of "catch all" shelves, so they're piled with all sorts of stuff that just doesn't go with anything else.  I'm probably going to pitch a lot of it, because it's a lot of remnants of experimental projects that just didn't work out.  It's tough for me to let go of that stuff, but better to have usable space for the things I *do* want to continue with.

I shudder thinking about getting further down the wall to the stash of embroidery floss.  I've been ignoring that mess for *years.*