April 27th, 2012


The Avengers

Holy crow that was a good movie!

I would say that I got my money's worth and then some, but it was free - and while I guess that makes the statement true, it fails to convey my enthusiasm.

Now, I'd missed a lot of the back story.  I saw "Iron Man," but hadn't seen "The Hulk," "Iron Man 2," "Thor," or "Captain America."  I will admit that I did do a quick hit on Wikipedia for the plot lines, and that let me follow along just fine.  I had a *great* time.  The casting was outstanding, the actors had good chemistry, and the scripting was fantastic.  Good fights, lots of explosions, TONS of laughs.  I'm actually going to need to see it again - we missed some lines in the general laughter from the previous lines.  Not unexpectedly, Downey gets the lion's share of the laughs.  We spent a good chunk of the drive home from the theater rehashing some of our favorite one liners.  I think my current favorite is "Better clench up, Legolas."  Close tie is "Um, he's adopted?"

AMC Loews is offering a fun deal: $40/6 movies.  They run all the Marvel movies in the correct thematic order, ending with "The Avengers." It's an intruiging idea for a fun Saturday, but I'm not sure that I could sit for that long.

We got there at about 6:15 for the 7:00 show.  The email had said they were going to be seating at 6:30, but they lied - they were pushing people in as fast as they arrived.  We were lucky - the line was *to* the door, but not *out* the door.  This is important because it was starting to rain.  We had our own door assigned to us, and it wasn't apparent until you were all the way in that it was a pre-screening for "The Avengers."  The theater had set aside one side of the building, and we were in four rooms on that wing.  The rest was unused, presumably for security reasons.  No devices were allowed in, including cell phones, and I've never been wanded to attend a movie before.  They take their anti-piracy seriously.

We were timely - when we go there we were still able to get two seats together in roughly the middle of the theater.  A bit after 7:00 an employee with a megaphone came in and asked us to "love thy neighbor" - pack in and free up the various single seats that generally scatter here and there.  There was some compaction, but not much - we were pretty full, even right down front.  Once the theater filled they started the movie.  Which was awesome.

The only downside was that I started the evening with a headache, which got worse.  The credits were what did me in.  Bob likes to sit through the credits until the house lights come up, and that particular sort of flicker drove the headache from "annoying" over into "excruciating."  By the time we were halfway home, I was right on the ragged edge of migraine territory.  But once home, I had some ibuprofin, had a little protein, had a little caffeine, has something to drink, went to bed, felt better.

Special thanks to yasmeanie, who came over and watched Charlotte for us.  Our usual babysitter had the termerity to go to Canada this week. 

Great movie.  Two and a half hours, and I didn't check my watch once.  If you go - stay through the initial credits to catch the Easter egg.