April 25th, 2012

Charlotte's new hat

I can't wait to see Charlotte...

When daycare calls to tell that she's entirely fine, but she took a tumble and bumped her head, and the goose egg and bruise are pretty shocking (their word, not mine), and they just wanted to warn me... I figure it must be *spectacular."

I guess she tripped going up the stairs and bumped her forehead between the eyes.  She's fine - running around, playing, acting goofy, but it sounds like the bruise is EPIC.  I might carry a copy of the incident report around with me for a while if it's as good as I think it's going to be.

EDIT 4/26:  Well, either they're much more alarmist than I, or the egg and bruise went down as fast as it came up.  By the time I saw her (around 7:30,) if I hadn't been forewarned I would have thought she had a slight smudge of dirt on her forehead.  I'm pleased.  She told me that she got a boo-boo, and that she needs to be more careful.  That's my girl.