January 19th, 2012

Nishka & Becket

Just gets better and better...

Cats are still not getting on.  It's been a week.  But we know why...

This evening after getting fitted for a test pair of bifocal contacts, I went up to skritch her and check on her.  I've been a bit disturbed by the fact that she only leaves our bed to eat and use the litterbox, and last night she seemed to have a lot of trouble getting back up onto the bed, even using the ottoman as an intermediate step.  When I got upstairs, I noticed blood on the blanket.  I figured that she'd popped a stitch - one drop of blood in saliva looks like you've slaughtered a pig.  Then she got up.

Her hip was a mass of blood and pus.  Apparently he scored one good bite during that first cat fight, and it abscessed.  Which explains the continued disturbance - he could smell the infection, and she felt like crap.  It also explains why she wasn't moving around - I'm sure it hurt more and more as the pressure built.

I called the emergency vet, and they are of the opinion it can wait until tomorrow with my vet.  Then I called a friend who is a vet tech, and who knows me and my cats.  She gave me some good advice that would make me feel better.  So I clipped the fur away and put hot, wet compresses on it for an hour or so to clean out the yuck - and it's yucky.  Icky and oozy and *stinky.*  But I'm sure it actually feels better now that it's open.  I'm trying to convince her to lay on some old, clean towels.  vynehorn suggested that I slip a heating pad under them, and she seems to like that.  Meanwhile, it oozed all over the white quilt my mother made for me, and the dry-clean only wool/silk blanket.


Tomorrow morning I will call my vet as soon as they open and tell them we're coming in.  I have no idea if they'll need to keep her overnight.  I hope not.