January 16th, 2012

Nishka & Becket

The stairs and hallways are Unclaimed Territory

So much for a relaxing weekend.  I'm curious what my blood pressure has been.

Friday night was terrible.  We gave in and locked Becket in the basement overnight, and locked Nishka upstairs in the bedrooms with us.  I felt bad about how cold it is in the basement, but we built him a nest with old towels so that he could curl up.  Oh - and left a light on.  At least I got some sleep.

Saturday we tried a "showing" of the cats to each other.  No go.  The vet's office called to ask how she was doing.  You should all be proud of me - I didn't sob hysterically.  She gave me some reassurance, and went to check with the vet to see if they had any other advice.  After a bit she came back - it seems Dr. Ephron (who did the dental work) and Dr. Hurley (our usual vet) were both in and free, and did some brainstorming.  They suggested that in addition to keeping them separated, that we put one in a carrier and let them interact through it - they'd been debating who should be where.  Sadly, they also said that this would probably go on for a WEEK.

Crap - she didn't get her pill tonight.

They *have* calmed down a bit.  Last night Nishka seemed a lot back like herself.  She was up on the bed instead of under it, and giving me the petmenowpetmeharderpetmemore, dammityouhavetwohandswhyaren'ttheybothpettingme? act.  That was nice.  That cat can break your nose head butting you for affection...

Today we just opened all the doors, and waited to see what would happen.  There's been some bad language, but no overt violence.  Basically, she's claimed the second floor (most particularly our bed) and he's claimed the first.  We've closed off the basement because there are too many difficult hidey holes.  He's been upstairs a few times, she's been downstairs a couple.  At one point I was skritching them both, one on the bed one on the floor.  So I can see that this may end okay.

I think merimask nailed it - they're such little walnut brained victims of stimuli, and I also suspect a power grab on Becket's part.  Nishka is getting frail, and I think he just realized it.  So we've got dominance issues mixed up with stimuli that don't match, resulting in a mess and my high blood pressure.

Tonight we're going to leave the bedroom doors open so the cats can mingle in the darkness.  Let's hope that isn't a mistake.
Charlotte's new hat

Sharing Bag

Okay, I'm fishing for show and tell ideas again, but this time it's for Friday.  Here's the rules:

* It can't be a toy;
* It needs to be something a 3 year old recognizes to talk about;
* I'd prefer not to send her in with a picture of something - the thing itself is more fun;
* It needs to be something that starts with the letter "g."

I hit a home run last week - last week was "b" and I sent in bubble wrap.  She was VERY excited.

Any ideas?