November 3rd, 2011



The short version:

We lost dozens of trees, and they broke most of my shrubs on the way down.  It's carnage.

Still no power, no water, no phone (lost power and water on Saturday while we were out, landline and cell reception disappeared Saturday night.)

The woodstove keeps the core of the house around 60 degrees F.  Thank goodness the wood came on Friday!

Cell reception returned yesterday, but is iffy.

I'm filling jugs at work so that we can flush the toilet.  I'm also washing dishes at work.

Charlotte's daycare has power back, so at least she can be there during the day.

My father in law is living with us, as HIS house is 40 degrees.  That's stress all it's own.

Lines are down across the driveway, we're parking down by the street.

No sign of a work crew.  Burlington is showing 77% out - so it's getting better.  My fear is that they're working their way out from route 4, and we're as far as you can get from that and still be in town.

Estimates to our first selectman for restoration of power to the town is 10 to 14 days.

I'm eating three meals a day at the company cafeteria.  Bob, Charlotte and my FIL join me for dinner.  Tonight we're going to use the company showers.  'Cause I'm getting crusty.

No access to my email.

No access to my sense of humor.

Done now.  Except it could be another week.