August 27th, 2011

House - summer

Well, here we are...

Things are secured outside to the extent to which they can be.  {Shrug}  We don't generally have a lot of loose stuff out there.  There's nothing left outside, and we extended two downspouts that I frankly wasn't happy about to begin with.  We've filled a five gallon drink cooler with drinking water, and I'm almost done with all of the laundry in the house, just in case we're out of power for a bit.  Need to run the dishwasher/do the dishes, then fill the tub for flushing.   That's that.

Meanwhile, at the event, vynehorn helped me to warp up my new loom, and I've done a fair bit of weaving this evening inbetween loads of laundry.  So tomorrow while it storms I'll either weave, or empty the closet for the new organizer. Now we wait.  And weave.  I need to weave more.  Must practice to keep up with vynehorn. Think dry thoughts.