August 25th, 2011


Fretting just a bit

I'm actually a bit concerned about this storm, which is unusual for me.  There's really two main concerns - the first is potentially being without electricity for days on end.  We're just enough off the beaten track that if we lose power - especially if it's our own lines down - that we're going to be WAY down CL&P's list.  My second concern are some of the trees on our property.  It's pretty soggy around here, and combined with more rain and hurricane-level winds - that makes trees fall over.  I've mentioned the tree out front before - lots of beetle damage.  This level of wind might take it down.  It won't fall on the house - not as long as gravity continues to work.  But if it falls, it's going to take the lines off the house.  There's also a tree out back with beetle damage and exposed heartwood on about 50% of the ground level trunk - I worry about that one.  It's probably tall enough to reach the house, but there're a bunch of other trees between us and it. 

If this thing comes screaming in the way it's supposed to, we're going to take some damage - it just remains to be seen how much.

Hopefully we don't loose the lines.  Our cell service at home is... spotty.  You have to go out into the driveway, face northeast, and lean to the right.  Seriously.  I'd prefer not to do that in the weather.

We've done what we can.  Bob cleaned the gutters, we've got food that can be cooked on the camp stove, plenty of cat food, gas for the chain saw, and I'll fill the bathtub with water.

Should be interesting.