May 30th, 2011

House - spring

GMEP 2011 - Part 2

So much for the rest of my weekend list...

Dad called this morning to say that he was leaving Home Depot and on his way to our house.  All of us were concerned about the chewed wires, and while I hate to jiggle the elbow of anyone doing me a favor, I was relieved to hear he was coming sooner rather than later.

The big hole was reopened, breakers were thrown, and the box was disassembled.  Bad news - the wire coming in from the side was the hot side.  The wire through the bottom plate was going down not up - it re-emerges on the other side of the threshold and powers the television plug.  Dad was unhappy to see that it was wired through the plug rather than being pig-tailed.  Apparently legal, but not best methods.

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Now we just need to patch.  Bob will patch the holes sometime over the next week or so, and then I'll mud them.  I've got an old patch to mud in the bathroom ceiling from when we put the new fan in, and we need to take down the bottom of the stairs gate and put the handrail back, so that'll need some patching also.  I clearly have a taping/mudding weekend in my future

Rodents are evil, and we're very lucky.