March 9th, 2011


They're baaaaacccckkkkk.....

Monday night we were sitting on the couch, watching "No Reservations," and relaxing.

What's that noise?

As regular readers will recall, “what’s that noise” is never a good thing in my house. We looked in the hallway and sure enough, both cats had their noses firmly up to the baseboard that covers the mouse oubliette. The scrabbling noise was coming from the other side.

Bob and I promptly assembled the instruments of combat: gloves, flashlight, shop-vac, sherbet container. We pulled the various clutter out that had accumulated behind that door, and discovered…

The furry little bastard had been working to chew his way out. There was a ring of sawdust around the tongue-and-groove section of floor, and you could see where it was chewed.

So we levered the piece of baseboard off oh so slowly and carefully and found… a rigid, chewed, mouse corpse. It was clearly dead, and something had clearly been snacking on him. Which begged the question of where the diner was, because there was nothing else to be seen. So Bob removed the deader, and we closed it back up and went back to the couch.

Skritchskritchrustleskritch. Rustlerustlerustle.

Reassemble implements of rodent removal. Remove baseboard oh so, ever so carefully. Spot mouse. Begin debate/keystone kops method of flushing it out. Hilarity ensues.

Eventually the sherbet contain was slammed down over the mouse and a bottom was slid underneath. These were much larger mice than last time. I think the last batch was probably deer mice – they were the size of the tip of my finger. This pair was about an inch long. Smaller ears, proportionally. Very plush, but that probably says more about the winter than the mice.

So come spring, I guess we need to open up that second floor soffit and see what’s going on up there. In the meantime, perhaps I should make a metal box to line the stud bay…