February 12th, 2011


Did you know

that you can stick a slice of bologna to the front of the dishwasher like one of those static films?  <sigh>

The boys are downstairs, and because Grandma didn't come, I'm up and down helping and watching Charlotte.  The old pressure tank is out.  The corner has been swept and fitting have been scavenged.  The new, larger pressure tank is in, and attached to the water supply.  I think they're going to start working on the sediment filter now.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've tetrused the washer and dryer.  I forgot a step - the dryer has to come out *turn sideways* and change places with washer.  The nice thing is that we shouldn't ever have to play this game again once the valve has been moved.  The dryer is in the middle of my kitchen, the washer is off to one side, and the guys are downstairs with copper pipe and propane torches.

Keep thinking those good plumbing thoughts for me!


I have:

* a shiny new 32 gallon pressure tank (it actually IS shiny);
* a brand new whole house sediment filter (not shiny.  But new.);
* unclogged inlet filters on my washing machine;
* a new shut off valve for the washer - high enough to be able to pull the washer out;

I need:

* new valve kits for all the toilets;
* a bigger hose clamp for the dryer vent attachment;
* a new shower head for the upstairs bathroom.

None of the things I need are immediately critical.  The crud in the water has done a number on the valves, but they all still function - for the moment.  We'll get a contractor's pack of them, swap them as they need it and still have one on the shelf.  Since I was able to attach the dryer vent with some wiggle room, I realized that the damn clamp is too small - that's why we've had such trouble.  But they're attached - finger tight, and that'll hold us until we can get a better clamp.  The shower head from the downstairs bathroom has migrated to the upstairs bathroom, and that will do until I pick out a new one.

Hopefully tonight will bring that proper shower, with scalding hot water and good pressure.  And no chunks!

Pictures later.