October 22nd, 2010

House - spring

Chimney Fun

I'll tell you ALL about it later - with pictures.  Right now my flue is wide open in both the kitchen and the basement.  The liner has been fed from the chimney down to the kitchen.  The second liner is fed most of the way from the kitchen down to the basement - it's currently hung up on lip where the old flue tiles aren't aligned.

The boys have taken a break for lunch.

The cats are locked upstairs and are unhappy.

I took advantage of a ladder being up to scamper up to the roof and clean the top gutter.

The house smells like old socks.

More later.

EDIT:  The boys are back from lunch and sound very determined.  I suspect that by the time all is said and done they'll have put in twice the labor on this job that they're actually charging me for.  Not that I'm happy with the new and improved bill, but I think they're equally unhappy.

Luckily once this is done it won't need to be revisited until probably after I'm dead.
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