July 30th, 2010


Damn Bears

Guess who came back?  Bent the crap out of the hook I'd bought to hang my feeders off of.  Same bear, but no sign of the yearling cub.  She bent the hook over, then sat on her butt in my garden and licked the seed out over a leisurely hour.
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Charlotte was enthralled watching through the front door, although she kept meowing at it.  The chickadees and titmice on the other hand, were infuriated - they kept swooping through as though to say "are you DONE yet?"  After an hour or so the bear wandered off, and I went outside to straighten up the hook.  Yeah, I'll need tools for that.  It was an expensive hook, too.  So I put the feeders back on the insufficient branch and my swarm of little birds descended.  Don't screw with the chickadees.  There was nothing but the sound of wings... and the dog next door barking... and branches and leaves rustling.

The bear had wandered over next door, knocked over the neighbor's trash and was having dessert.

I really don't want to have to stop feeding my birds, although I know that's the right answer.  Before I call it game over, I'm going to give cayenne pepper a try - supposedly that is a deterrent.  The problem is that the individual bear needs to learn that the individual feeder is nasty.  But it's the same bear, so if we only teach this one, we're good.

I'll keep you posted.