April 19th, 2010


Taking up a Challenge

golden_meliades  posted a challenge... oh, last week or so.  It was thus:

"My challenge is: take up an 'I'm going to ______________ every _______ for ________." kind of goal yourself.  Maybe you want to complete one piece of new art every Tuesday for the whole summer.  Or spend the first week of each month of 2010 cooking food that you can put in your freezer to last the rest of the month.  Or spend 30 minutes cleaning every day for...name your period of time."

I love the concept and I would love to do something artistic, but right now I have looming deadlines of the home maintainance type.  So instead I'll make it work for that deadline.

I'm going to spend at least thirty minutes cleaning the basement every night from now until May 9.  Evenings when I can't be down there because I have to mind Charlotte or I'm getting home late, I will bring up a box from the crawl space and work on clearing it.

I may continue this beyond my deadline, but Northeastern Chimney comes on May 10, so that is the hard stop point to make the basement reasonable for the work crew.  They need to be in the basement with the boiler, and on the roof.  The roof is perfectly presentable.  The basement is less so.

I'll write about this past weekend's adventures in basement cleaning later.  Suffice it to say that it kicked my butt, but there is defintely a light at the end of the tunnel.  Bob's level of involvement over the next week will determine if it is the end of the tunnel, or the headlamp of an oncoming train.

We're going to deal with the cider so that I can have my freezer back.  Right?

First Challenge Day

The eye doctor did NOT dilate my eyes (yea!) so I was functional this evening.  And despite a profound reluctance, I located my work gloves, checked my watch, and headed down into the abyss.  I dove into the pile of boxes that had previously come out of the crawl space.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

The stack was comprised of three boxes of SCCA rally trophies, which are Bob's so they're not mine to dispose of.  Two or three boxes of rally instructions - again, Bob's not mine.  Two boxes of SCA garb that I will never wear again, are too good to throw away, but Gold Key doesn't want.  A box of closet storage stuff, some of which will go to the Salvation Army and a small bit of which I'm going to hang on to for a little bit (until I know if they'll be useful for Charlotte's closet or not.)  Hmm, what else... a box of beautiful glass lanterns that I really want to keep (I'm looking around to try to figure out where I can display them, but I'm coming up a little dry.)  The box of archived issues of Pikestaff.

The pile is not disappearing the way I thought it was going to.  Sigh.  On the bright side, it's going to be super simple to digitize the boxes and boxes and boxes of rally directions.  Whatever else I have said about them and him over the years, Bob kept them in pristine condition.  Frankly, they're in better shape than most of our contracts in the file library at work.  Of course, those files are in constant use, and Bob's haven't seen the light of day since, oh, 1977.


But the thing is, I'll take those into work run them through the scanner with the automatic document feed, slap them on a flash drive - and they'll all be safe in pdf format until the end of time.  *I* think that means that the hard copies can go to recycling, but we'll see what he thinks about it.

It's gonna be hard to throw the garb away.  But I do have a taker for a box of mat board, so that won't be around for too much longer.  I guess for tomorrow I go into the crawl space for my thirty minutes.  Blegh.