February 3rd, 2010


Done with People for the Week

Apparently the theme for this week is "no good deed goes unpunished."  It has been a litany of people either for whom extra efforts were made that weren't good enough, and people for whom long term efforts were made who are pissed off about it (in the "you covered our ass for years - why would you do something terrible like that, you awful person?" category,) with a side of "and we never liked you anyway and we're glad you're gone."

I know I'm often abrasive and hard to get along with - but so are a lot of other people, and I DO make an effort.  So... seriously?


Is it the phase of the moon or something?  'Cause they're coming out of the WOODWORK, and I'm thinking a good coat of shellac is in order.

Okay - I'm done whining now.  But I gotta tell you, given that it's only Wednesday, there had better not be any more this week.  Or else I'm going to grab my pitchfork and go burn someone's thatched hut.

NOW I'm done whining.  And I'm determined that today will be productive and positive.  Or else.  :-)