May 27th, 2009


"Teeth are the worst, he says. Always coming or going."

I suspect that Charlotte would agree with Mr. Pratchett. Right now, they’re coming. She’s been cruising along happily with two bottom incisors for a couple of weeks now, and everything was good. But now it appears that she’s getting four of the upper teeth all at one time, and it’s just a little bit more than she can cope with. My happy, endearing child spent a good chunk of last evening and (technically) this morning crying inconsolably. She does not want teething rings/toys, and hates them even more if they’re cold. A cold, damp washcloth occasionally distracted her (although at 2:00am, discovering that Bob had left one on the coffee table and never rinsed out the one in the fridge (it was crunchy) really sucked.) The soft baby spoons have been the best bet so far. Sometimes she’ll gnaw on them and quiet down. Of course that brings on a veritable flood of drool, and if you try to wipe her chin it makes her cry again. We’ve got some Anbasol, but as stupid as it sounds, I’m not quite sure how to use it. I’m probably not putting enough on for fear of putting too much on…

Yes, she bit me. Scared the hell out of both of us. We had a long talk about not doing that any more.

<sigh> Poor thing. I want to make it better, but there’s only so much I can do.

In other milestones, the gyroscope finally came up to speed on Monday and she’s sitting up. She can’t get there by herself yet but if you put her in place, she stays for quite a while before she topples over. Still not rolling over. I don’t think she’s going to. Eh – no worries. She definitely likes sitting up – it’s easier to play with things. Once she figures out how to sit up for her bath, I expect it will become a combination bath/shower. I need to mop the floor more often anyhow.