March 30th, 2009


'Scuse me!?

This morning I checked out the event announcment for Coronation.  I'm a bad peer who didn't pre-register.  I've been working on a peerage scroll - shoot me.  I figured that Coronation might be a good event to slake a batch of plaster - there's nothing for me to do, but lots of people that I know.  This is a good recipe for a "sit in the corner and stir a bucket for twelve hours" day.  I read through the event announcement - looked promising.  Looked at the location - Kingston, NY - also promising.  Looked at the fee schedule...

I have sent an email off to the person in charge of gate requesting clarification.  What it says in only slightly politer terms is "You aren't seriously going to charge me $10 for gate/day board for my six month old infant, are you?"

Well actually, they aren't.  Because if they think they ARE, I'm not going.  I'm all for paying my freight - a child who is mobile, taking up space and eating lunch should pay.  If they wanted to charge me site fee, I'd be unhappy, but I'd pay.  Sites are expensive, and you do what you have to.  But a full dayboard charge for a nursing infant?  I think not.

I find it ironic that this comes from the same royals who reamed us out about the fees for 12th Night a couple of years ago.

Hopefully the response will be something to the effect of "so sorry -oversight on our part."  I'll let you know.


All is well.  The exact response to my inquiry (which was politer  than I remember typing it) was "No.  That would be silly."  I thanked them for their time and fast response.

As an aside, I didn't mean to imply that the royals have control over the fee schedules beyond approving the bid - very poor phrasing on my part.  Merely that both events in question were "on their watch."

It makes sense to me that children under a certain age should be free, as they consume nothing that the event provides.  However I will *never* assume that my little darling isn't being charged unless specifically laid forth in the announcement.  If so, that's lovely, but business is business and stewards do what they need to.

What we have he-are, is a failure to communicate...

Anatomy of a Pelican

Well, it's done and delivered.  One HUGE major mistake - can someone please tell me why I dated it September instead of March?  Where the hell did that come from?  Well, as threatened, behind the cut is the process.  There are folks on my f-list who are doing much nicer work than I am, so I'll appreciate it if they'll keep the snickering to a minimum.  Heck, I'm almost ten years out of practice.

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I'm pleased.  He's pleased.  Hopefully I'll be back up to snuff soon.