January 20th, 2009


It's not an inauguration

but I can't decide if "coronation" or "canonization" is the appropriate word.

Perhaps I'm just too huge a cynic, but I have to hope that people aren't too disappointed when it's apparent that another in a long line of career politicians conducts business as usual in Washington, feeding shamelessly at the public trough.  *No One* can live up to this type of hype.  It only remains to be seen how long the honeymoon is going to be.

I don't deny the historic weight of it all, but the level of idolatry is just a wee bit alarming.

Good grief, what was I thinking?

I've been thinking that I want to ease back into scribing.  There's something inherently wrong with the fact that my drawing board has dust on it.  So I took on a pair of Tyger's Cub scrolls.  They're for Coronation which is April-ish.  Plenty of time.  I've picked out a layout and it's fairly simple, but elegant.  Even better, I'm trading calligraphy for babysitting.  Pretty good, eh?

I figured that would be a good "baby step" to ease back into art in the new Life with Baby.

Therefore it's completely logical that I would request a Pelican assignment for Mudthaw in March, right?

Ye god and little green apples - talk about jumping in the deep end!  I'll be starting NOW.  I'm going to start working on the text this afternoon, and I intend to have a layout selected by the end of the week.

Oh, and I should start a batch of glair right now also - my last batch went moldy on me and I had to use yolk to make egg tempera paint for the last document instead of glair.  And I have to dig out a piece of vellum... and check my gold leaf supplies... and make sure that I've got hydrated pigments...

I'm going to be organized and manage my time if it kills someone!