May 12th, 2008


Sometimes you’re the windshield...

 But this time we were the bug.

The weekend *started* off good. Saturday I slept in until all hours. Sleep has been eluding me lately, so it felt really good to not have to drag my sorry butt out of bed until it was ready. So we got a late start on the day. It was mostly errands that turned into exercises in futility. Got to Costco, fill up the gas tank (ouch!) Go to Lowes, fail to find what I’m looking for. Go to the Home Depot in Bristol, and discover that particular Home Depot doesn’t carry the cabinets that I was there to order. At that point my blood sugar had bottomed out, and I was just stupid. So since Agway was already closed, we headed out to dinner for Mother’s Day. I’d asked if we could go Saturday instead of Sunday in the hope that it would be less crowded. It may or may not have been, but it was a nice dinner nonetheless.

Sunday we had to get up early. Any time my alarm has to go off on a weekend I categorize it as "early." We needed to be in Hebron at 10:00 for a site walk-through for Acorns & Pearls II. I think the walk-through went really well. The Lions seem to be bending over backwards to accommodate us, and the site contact seems to just be a really nice guy. I had a chance to crawl all over the post and beam barn that

vynehornand I will be setting up as a tavern with a measuring tape, so we should be able to plan a good layout before getting there. Unfortunately, because it’s not very warm yet I didn’t take the sun into account and didn’t bring a hat. I have a bright pink sunburn on my face and neck. It doesn’t hurt, I’m just nice and pink and all my coworkers are commenting.

 After that we stopped at the Milldale Home Depot, ordered my cabinets and bought a round point shovel, a pole saw, and a book on how to build retaining walls. From there we hit Agway, where I failed to find any moss roses (they were out,) and instead consoled myself with a flat of annuals. A little bit of color for the front will be cheery, and annuals are a nice no-commitment choice. After that – home to play with the pole saw. Bob was able to take three problem limbs off of the beech tree on the west side of the house. Not the neatest job, but it’s the first time either of us had used one of those. Frankly, that whole tree should probably come down, but it’s probably one that we should hire out. No budget for that this year, so we’ll settle for what trimming we can do. I think that just those three limbs will put a lot more light and air on that side of the house, which is my main concern. The pole saw is a fun toy. I could be a hazard with it.

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Free Running Drains


Bob and I both bailed out of the office at 4:30 and headed home to run the hand auger in the hopes that we would not need to call a plumber.  I'm not sure exactly what running the auger entailed, as there isn't room for both of us in that bathroom.  But the end result is that there was a "glorp" and all the water abruptly dropped to where it was supposed to be.  I'm told that a quantity of hair came back out, but not really enough to justify the problem.  The glorp was brought on by the plunger though, so the real guts of the clog are probably out in the septic tank.  Where they belong.  There was much running of water and proper flushing of the toilet, and everything appears to be functioning as it ought.  We followed up with a half a bottle of Dawn and fifteen quarts of boiling water down the shower drain.  The downstairs bath has been reclaimed as a bathroom.

There is a whole lot of bleach in our future.  But I think it can wait until tomorrow.

I wonder what the next adventure in home owning is going to be?