March 10th, 2008


Rain, and Home Improvement

It’s been a "two steps backwards, three forward" sort of a few days.

Thursday and Friday were the days from hell. I can’t remember the last time I was quite that stressed at work. The gist of it was that several business units got caught doing business in Chicago without a business license, and somehow fixing that became my problem. Needless to say being Chicago, the forms, rules, and procedures were difficult and draconian. Then one of our internal people decided to kick a fit, and although he was 100% right, it really, really complicated things. It was a horrible day.

Friday evening was lovely however. Two of the couples who helped us with our initial painting party came over for dinner and a movie. They haven’t seen the house since the day we put the primer on, so there were a lot of big changes. We never did get around to putting in the movie, or even making it into the living room. It was absolutely delightful. It did however make it a little hard to get up Saturday morning when

vynehornand I headed out to Hrim Schola in the rain. Rain! "Rain" doesn’t begin to describe it. How about "deluge" or "downpour" or "lime-green golly-whomper?" (Thank you Hilton Kaderli for that one.)  
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