October 23rd, 2007


A Weekend Excursion

 It was a weekend of contrasts. Right off the bat – I have NO recollection of what I did on Friday. I must have done something, but it’s gone. Completely. If I drank, I might blame it on that, but I haven’t heard anyone blame Diet Pepsi for short term memory loss. Unless I’ve forgotten...
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Sunday wasn’t very productive. I got the side door frame painted out in anticipation of new weather stripping, and did some other puttering around, but was feeling kind of run down so I didn’t push anything. I do need to get the weather stripping all finished up before it gets much colder. I’m still pushing to get the doors hung over the laundry area so I can get "after" pictures. Hopefully that’ll get done soon (right hon?)

I think that I need to pick up "Nights from the Alhambra" to complete my collection...