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Today was the next big vet appointment.  That appears to be this year's theme.

Becket went to the feline cardiologist.  The latest appointment I was able to get was 2:00pm, so Bob has been dropping Charlotte at daycare so that I could go in early to work every morning this week.  As it was, I'm still going to end up with a short paycheck - I decided not to skip my workouts, so there was only so much time I could make up.  When looked at a map, I realized I was going to have to leave the office at 1:00 in order to get home, containerize the cat and get to the specialty vet in time - which meant no spinning today.  Which actually bummed me out - apparently I have drunk the Cool-Aid.

I talked to the vet tech, and then the fancy vet - what wonderfully nice people!  Also, they liked my boy.  Then I got to sit while they did (let's see if I get all of this...) a long term EKG, an echocardiogram, a chest x-ray, and a blood draw.  I think it was the EKG that took the longest, because they were hoping to catch a picture of a transient arrhythmia.  It took over three *weeks* for mine to show up on a monitor...

Good thing for me that I remembered my Kindle.  I managed to read almost all of John Scalzo's "Redshirts," which I highly recommend to anyone who ever watched the original "Star Trek."  The whole thing is a giggle, and I enjoyed every minute of it (Bob is giggling on the other end of the couch right now.)

So.  Becket has an arrhythmia - they actually caught it on the EKG.  It's not dangerous, and anesthesia is not contraindicated so he can have his teeth cleaned - if only I could afford it now...  They're not sure WHY he has an arrythmia - she has recommended two follow ups (for two different things,) so hopefully that will tell us something.

It was another $1,200 day.  Sigh.  Fuzzy little bastards.
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