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I’m trying to spend less time online – it’s taking too many hours out of my life.  That said it’s no reason to drop off the face of the internet entirely…
In no particular order…

Cats, oy, the cats…
Nishka, having had her blood glucose do the initial dive, held steady at a number that would be alarmingly terrifying if it hadn’t previously been so much higher.  We upped her to four units of insulin, but she still seems to be peeing too much.  So today she went in for them to do an all-day glucose curve.  My vet suggested that depending what the results of that that look like, he may try her on a different brand of insulin.  She’s not at the top of the range of what we can give her, but as he points out – she’s a fairly lean cat, so we shouldn’t have to have her on that much.  She may react better to a different formula.  We’ll see.  I have noticed that her coat is much better already – she still has that old lady fur, but the dander is much reduced.
Becket, on the other hand, was SUPPOSED to have had his teeth cleaned last Tuesday.  I dropped him off, got to work, had a cup of tea… and the vet called.  He threw a wild heart arrhythmia during the pre-surgery check, and they rejected him.  Seriously?  So he has an appointment with a feline cardiologist on Friday.  I had a momentary thought to just leave it and go on as usual, but if we’d gotten Tashi to a specialist early (if we had known he needed one,) he might still be with us.  Can’t wait for that bill.  Maybe we can do his teeth next year.

Both refunds came – something like four days for the state and ten for the feds.  Shocking.  I’m paying off some bills, and the rest goes to a down payment on a new car for me.  Need to adjust that withholding…

On last Thursday’s treadmill I got to 1.84 miles in thirty minutes, and I did the first mile in fifteen minutes and change.  It damn near killed me.  That said I can see that in the foreseeable future that I’ll be able to do two miles in thirty minutes.  Hopefully at some point after that, I’ll be able to do it without gasping for air, sweating like a butcher, and falling down at the end.  My goals are very subjective.  Other than that, it slogs along.  Last Tuesday was the failed vet appointment, and there was some office stupidity afterwards, so it was the perfect day for a kick-boxing class – I took out a lot of aggression.  So much so that I had two days afterwards of “what the hell did you DO?” from my calves.  Obviously I could be giving that class more, but I left it feeling like I’m getting stronger.  Of course, Doug-the-Cylon disabused me of that notion at spinning on Friday.  I was proud of myself during the bike part of the class – I did ALL the out-of-the-saddle work for the first time ever.  Then we switched to the floor for core work.  The man is a smiling, happy sadist – he really is.  I’m not sure what you call that particular crunch variation other than f-ing painful, but… DAMN.  I should probably be doing that one at home also, but I still hurt just thinking about it.
Someone told me on Friday that my face is getting thinner.  Hooray!

We had our first parent/teacher conference at day care – it was basically to discuss kindergarten readiness.  Short version – she’s all set.  They said that academically, she’s right where she needs to be – and apparently she knows a lot more than she’s telling ME about.  I had no idea that she knew half that stuff!  They told us that she’s a polite, considerate, respectful little girl and that whatever we’re doing – keep doing it because it’s exactly right.  I wanted to turn cartwheels, because *that* is what I’m really keen on.  She can learn facts any time, she can pick up skills as she needs to, there’s a thousand and one ways to look things up.  But if I want her to be a good person, we need to do it now.  *I* thought she was, but it’s nice to hear that it continues when she’s out of our sight.  They said that everyone loves her, and that they expect she’ll do very well.  My kid IS a good kid.  There was also a big pat on the back for Bob – they commented “she brings the healthiest lunches in the whole room.”  That particular day she was over the moon that daddy had put lima beans in her lunch – they said they’d never seen a kid so happy about lima beans.
This past weekend we went to my parents’ for a belated birthday dinner, dad managed to get a foam sled for Charlotte, and I showed her how to slide down the hill in back.  You’ve never seen a kid so happy.  I’ll post some pictures when I get them from dad.  On the other hand, we had our first hair cutting episode.  She had a lock in her face and mom and dad’s, picked up the scissors, and cut it off.  Luckily it’s not too bad, and we talked about not doing that any more.

Random other
While we were there, I spent a bunch of time in mom’s attic.  I didn’t realize I still had so much crap up there, but a lot of it is now in dad’s recycling bin.  I also still had a lot of fabric.  I pitched some and brought some home – I’m going to keep a very small amount of it, and the rest will go to a barony meeting to be given away.  What I had intended to do though, and managed to start, is to go through all the old magazines up there.  I started with the Smithsonians, and got through the 70s.  I kept key issues (the opening of the World Trade Center, the beginning of the shuttle program, the King Tut exhibit in NYC,) and the rest went out.  They’re in rough shape after being up there for so long.  I figure at Easter I’ll go through the 80s, and if I don’t get to the 90s I’ll bring them home to work on.  I’m tossing stuff left and right.  I can’t wait to start on the crawl space.

Yesterday I sat down and sewed 1200 buttonholes.  Okay, probably more like forty, but what a pain.  That means the green dress will be ready to wear to Mudthaw in a couple of weeks – Vynehorn said that she’ll mark the hem for me next week, so that’s in good shape.  After that I decided to work out the next weaving project.  If I want that treadle loom of my current dreams, I have to prove that it’s a worthwhile investment.  Last week I dove into the sewing room, cleared out more junk, broke down a set of shelves, and made room for the loom I don’t have yet.  Then I put my rigid heddle there.  Yesterday I started planning the next project.  I was doing okay, until I got to where I needed to sit down and order the yarn for it.  I *cannot* wrap my head around figuring out the sett.  Yarn weight, epi, dpi… I know all the terms, but I can’t seem to work out how they work together.  Or to put it another way – I don’t know how to take the pieces that I know and use them to find the answers for the things I *don’t* know.  I know that I want to weave a specific twill.  I know that I will be using three heddles.  I know that my heddles are 12 dpi.  I know that my pattern is going to have… I think it was 220 ends.  I don’t know how to know what fiber I need.  I spent HOURS trying to make sense of that.  It’s not like it hasn’t been explained to me – I just don’t GET it.  It’s very frustrating.  However, I think that I sort of backed into what I need, and I ordered my fiber from Webs.  It’s on backorder, but I still have a warp on, so that’s okay – and I still need to draw up the warping diagram for the twill that I want on three heddles.
Why no, I can’t do anything the easy way.  Why do you ask?
Once I’d done that, I sat down for some practice.  I still have quite a bit of warp left over from the three heddle gamp the book walked me through, and I hate to waste it.  Instead, I decided to sit down and practice the “treadling” pattern for the project I want to do when my fiber comes – it seems like a useful, practical way to use up the rest of that warp.  It’s going fairly well – it’s beating in okay, my selvedges look good (although not as good as Jane’s did at the baronial weaving day,) and I haven’t made any errors in the twill yet.  It also goes faster than I thought it would, which is encouraging. 
I also spent some time online looking at warping instructions.  Because of the kind of loom I bought (super cheap, but with the capacity for three heddle warps) it doesn’t warp like most rigid heddle looms – it has no apron rods.  That means that most of the warping directions you can find don’t translate to it very well.  Add in the fact that it’s an “off” brand, and kind of the bottom line model and even the internet fails me.  It’s annoying – but worth it if this project comes out halfway decent.
That’s all for now…
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