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For those out there who embroider

How do you organize your floss?

I've been picking up the clutter in my sewing room in preparation for settling in to make lots and lots and lots of buttonholes.  As you may have noticed in the past, my "picking up clutter" projects tend to get out of hand quickly.  This one metamorphosed into clearing off a set of shelves that I'm thinking about getting rid of so that I can keep the rigid heddle loom set up all the time (okay, and because I'm thinking it would be a fabulous place to put a jack loom.)  That brought me face to face with the embroidery "stuff" on that set of shelves that I oh, so carefully avoided when I purged the room last time.

I have lots and lots of embroidery floss - lots of it loose skeins in a bag that I never worked up the ambition to wind onto bobbins.  Because I HATE winding floss onto bobbins, and honestly it never worked well for me anyhow.  I've looked at Stitch Bows, and I love the idea of not having to wind them, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to store those either - the books seem bulky, awkward, and problematic.

So, how are people practically storing/organizing embroidery floss?  What actually works?  Anyone have any thoughts?  I need to get that corner under control.

And I need to sew a lot of buttonholes.  Sadly, no one can help me with that...


Mar. 4th, 2013 05:50 am (UTC)
Hmmm...I've just followed my mother's method, with the added help of two things: zip lock bags and a DMC color chart. I store floss in zip lock bags in a box and have a DMC color chart, which I can use to correctly identify a color, if there's any question.

When I've got a project underway, I pull the bags and drop them into my workbag. (They are the "supply".) When I pull out a length and separate it, I keep the extra wound on a piece of light cardboard--usually something the weight of shoebox carboard--which is my mother's method. She would often snip cuts along the side to keep the threads more secure and for colors she used constantly in a project, maybe note the DMC number on the cardboard. A nicely labeled box works well. If you wanted something that looked nice on a shelf, I think a photo/VHS storage box would work well.

I hope that's helpful. The DMC color chart is worth its weight in gold.