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I've always been an "anything worth doing is worth over doing" sort of a girl, and I appear to be applying that to this whole "fitness at work" thing I'm into.  It started with spinning class on Fridays.  When that didn't kill me, I added kick boxing in Tuesdays.  Then strength on Mondays.  Because that isn't sufficiently cutting into my ability to run errands on my lunch hour, I'm adding the treadmill on alternating Wednesdays/Thursdays.  (They alternate because a co-worker has a "Couch to 5K" app on her phone, and that program has you walking every other day.  So this week we went today, next week we'll do Wednesday, etc.  It's nicer with non-judgemental company.)

The treadmill was a bit startling.  On some level I think I had expected to have an easier time because I've been doing all these other classes for months.  But what I hadn't taken into account is that brisk walking is a cardio workout *while hauling 205 pounds around.*  Not like spinning, which is a hell of a cardio workout, but with the bike seat holding my fat ass up for much of the time.  So that was a wee bit humbling.  But since one of the things that I really want is to get my wind and my capacity for walking back, it's worth doing.  Kari's workout routine was twenty-five minutes, but I really wanted to get to thirty, and did.  I probably *could* have gone longer, but I didn't want to run myself into the ground.  I managed to go 1.76 miles in thirty minutes, and I was averaging between 3.6 and 3.8 mph according to the panel.  I would like to be able to do two miles in that time.  Once I can do that, I'll look at walking longer.

Kari loaned me a portable CD player, and music helped a LOT.  I clearly need to get something of my own.
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