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Adventures in crock pots

For Christmas, vynehorn gave me a new crock pot cookbook.  Possibly she was tired of listening to me complain about wanting more crockpot recipes.  Possibly she was just inspired.  Either way, I'm pretty enthusiastic about this particular cookbook.  For one thing, it's not overwhelmingly stews.  For another thing, everything in it isn't tomato based (I don't like tomatoes.)  I've been cooking my way through the most interesting recipes, and everything has been fabulous (the pork loin with apples, cider and cream was heavenly.)

I'm getting bolder.  Right now the crock is prepped and in the fridge for tomorrow with the North African Beef Stew.  It includes a much more adventuresome spice palette than I'm known for, but I'm quite optimistic.  Camma has been very good about letting me experiment on her on Tuesday archery nights.

I'll be interested to see how this turns out.  I'm itching to try some of the dessert recipes - it has some interesting ideas for poached pears.  Where do I get pear nectar, I wonder.

In the usual other news, the strength class REALLY kicked my butt today - I actually felt a wee bit ill a couple of times.  I took breaks as I needed them, and made it to the end.  I gave it all I had, I just didn't have much today.  Not sure if I didn't have enough breakfast, had the wrong thing for breakfast, was just having an off day, was feeling the effect of no class last week for the company holiday, or what.  I have noticed that since they added the core work to the spinning class, I'm TIRED - that's core work in all three classes.

It doesn't help that in celebration of my birthday I gratuitously ate like crap for a week.  And I enjoyed EVERY moment of it.

Tomorrow is kick box.  And more core work.  And more squats.  Yaaayyyyy......  I'm coming to the conclusion that I may be too out of shape to get in shape...
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